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9 Nov 2006 by pam scott
Re: oz trip
sounds like your having a great time although too many early starts for me! get the photo's sorted I thought you two were techies - Ha
8 Nov 2006 by Jan Lowe
Re: Pictures
We want more pictures! Sounds great though however be rest assured the weather is just as good here....maybe not!!
6 Nov 2006 by Trish Tye
Re: Updates
Hello yous. Good to catch up on a Monday morning before the work kicks in ... but weirdly since you've been away we've had nothing to do and spend most afternoons with our feet up watching telly and sipping the champagne Dominic keeps bringing in. Tiresome really. Dolphin looks cute ... see if you can bring one back ... should be easy as you can now take liquids on the planes again! Be good now xx
5 Nov 2006 by wicked still wicked
Re: where the ... are you
Haven't heard anything for ages come on get writing lazy bones. Hope you're both having fun. Is the camera broke???? luv W xx
2 Nov 2006 by Lesley P
Re: Your travels so far
Hello from frosty Surrey! Great to read your journal - keep writing! L
2 Nov 2006 by tony zomble
Re: oz
yo! I have visions of emus in the loos (do they use loo paper?). NY was fab, by the way. Keep the reports coming
1 Nov 2006 by steve morton
Re: you
good to hear your safe and sound, but maybe not 'emused'.

i remember when justin loved showering with strange birds!


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