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19 Nov 2006 by Caroline Hunt
Re: Jumping wombats
Hi Folks
We've been following your progress avidly; happy birthday Alice for last week! Glad Kings Park in Perth is still called Kings Park and it's still got views. Dave hasn't been there for 40 years (so he was very litte when he went and still managed the climb without whingeing).
Give us a bell when you get back - we think there's a 2 week 'window of opportunity' for a call before we set off for New Zealand on 16th Dec, and it would be good to hear of your travels.
Bye for now
Dave and Caroline
14 Nov 2006 by Steph McD
Re: Hello!!!
Looks like your having a fantastic time! Loving the pictures...keep em coming!

Steph xxx
13 Nov 2006 by Diane aka Mum O'Neill
Re: your trip
Enjoying all the news - all ok at home. Will leave milk for your return!!! Love to Trevor. Has Alice read the book - A Town Like Alice? A copy might find its way to you! We really don't need to about when you do your laundry! God Bless X
13 Nov 2006 by steve morton
Re: techies.
pam, Its a fine line between a techie and a geek,,,, i know which justin is, whereas alice still has time to redeem herself.

ps, the uk is about 1000km long.
12 Nov 2006 by Jan Lowe
Re: Birthday
Happy Birthday old girl!!!!
12 Nov 2006 by Sue Woodhouse
Re: beach
Justin I did not like the look of all those rocks on the beach, I hope no football!
love mum
12 Nov 2006 by Sue Woodhouse
Re: Birthday!
Hi Alice, Happy birthday I hope Justin is making a fuss of you! Have a good day
Love Mum & bob
11 Nov 2006 by Steph Morgan
Re: Loving the descriptions
Sounds & looks like you two are having a ball!
Loving the journals - I could almost be there with you only some of us have to work!
Have fun and enjoy the experience.

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