1 Nov 2006 - The road trip continues - Ningaloo
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Coral Bay Beach

 Some fish we saw

 More fish

 Even more fish

Firstly, apologies for the long wait - you wouldn't believe the lack of Internet connections here - less than in Peru! And we're having trouble uploading photos too, so you may have to wait until we get to Melbourne for that (8th Nov). However, we did manage to get one photo of a dolphin for the 31st October! Hooray.

OK - today we left at 8am for our trip to Coral Bay, Ningaloo. On the way we saw lots of wedge tailed eagles - there's loads because they feed on all the roadkill, and one stupid looking emu. At Coral Bay we boarded the glass bottomed boat, which had a nice big viewing area, where you could see lots of fish. The boat took us out from the beach and some of us snorkelled. It wasn't the warmest water I've snorkelled in, that's for sure. We saw lots of fish, cucumbers and coral. But after 30 minutes we had to get back on the boat and we started to make our way back, seeing a couple of turtles on the way.

We had lunch, after which we hired some snorkel gear and did a bit more snorkelling. If we thought it was cold earlier, this was like swimming in Antarctica. We saw quite a few fish but the water was very sandy because it was so shallow. So after about 20 or 30 minutes we got out and dried off.

We were a bit disappointed with today's trip because the snorkelling was our main reason for coming on this road trip. We thought we'd be having a whole day in the water, going further out to see rays and whale sharks. But it was a very beautiful spot, and we enjoyed being there, and we've had a pretty good time on the trip. Tried to upload the photos this evening but it was a dead loss.

Justin's still not seen a real, live kangaroo - just dead ones. So maybe he'll have better luck tomorrow. We did see a load of enormous termite hills from the comfort of our coach. Wouldn't like to sit on one of those.

We also learned about the Australian banana crisis - they grow their own and aren't allowed to import. Normally they have loads, and they are about $3 or 4 per kilo, but there was a big cyclone in Queensland, which devastated the crop, and now they're about $16 or 17 per kilo! Which explains why 2 bananas cost us $5.50 the other day.


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