31 Oct 2006 - Monkey Mia dolphins, and various other places
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  Dolphins lose interest when the food's all gone! An unexpected arrival at the feeding 
We do apologise for the lack of photos - we're going to try and upload some tomorrow, but are quite tired tonight, so just thought we'd do the writing bit.

Very very busy day, but very very good too! The day got off to a fantastic start with the dolphins at Monkey Mia. We all stood in the water, and the dolphins appeared and were swimming around right in front of us - I mean a couple of metres away! The rangers came out and did a little talk about the dolphins and the programme that they're running at Monkey Mia, and then they fed the dolphins (they only feed them a maximum 1/4 of their required daily intake so the dolphins don't lose their ability to hunt) and some of the public got to feed them too. It was absolutely brilliant. We have some great photos to upload.

After the dolphins we went on a boat ride, on a racing catamaran, which was really nice. We could walk all over the cat, and sit in the nets, and there were only 9 of us on there. Very relaxing hour at sea!

Then it was back on the coach for a short drive to Denham where we had lunch in a restaurant made from bricks of compacted shell! Interesting.

Then it was off to shell beach, which is where those bricks come from. The beach is actually made up entirely of tiny shells, and the sea there is very, very salty and shallow. Justin waded out quite a way and it was only just over his knees.

After shell beach we visited the strologmites, which are some kind of rock that started life on earth. I have to say, they were not as interesting as the dolphins.

Then finally we arrived at our motel in Carnarvon, which is very nice. Quite luxurious after last night. We have some snorkelling to look forward to tomorrow.


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