30 Oct 2006 - Off to Monkey Mia
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One of the beaches we stopped at
We've been quite a distance today! We were picked up at 7:10am by Rob our tour guide on a nice comfy coach. Then we had a very, very long drive to Monkey Mia. We arrived just after 7pm. No kangaroo sightings so far.

The roads were very long, very straight, and pretty boring. But overall we travelled about 860km.

We're staying on a kind of campsite in a kind of chalet - no ensuite. Aargh! Luckily there's a toilet/shower block just outside. The block has signs on all the doors about not letting the emus in, and not feeding the emus! Now terrified of being chased by emus. Had dinner in the restaurant which was very nice. Went to bed early.


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