24 Nov 2006 - Rainforest Habitat Trip
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Birds on the canopy above the breakfast area A cockatoo eats his stolen toast with a friend looking on A kangaroo hopes we have food - he's disappointed 

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Justin and the wallaby

 Tree kangaroo



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This morning we had our mysteriously free "Breakfast with the Birds". Well, mostly without the birds as they hardly landed on our table but we were secretly pleased - some of them had very sharp looking beaks, and it was much more fun watching them steal *other* people's food! The breakfast was excellent, and it was really interesting watching all the birds move about.

Then we walked around the Rainforest Habitat - this is a really excellent zoo on a par with the Healesville Sanctuary. You could feed the kangaroos and wallabies, although they were a bit disappointed with us as we hadn't bought any of the food - and they had a nice, grassy enclosure and were actually interested in you (although not so much once they found out that you had no food) and would come over and sniff you. Then we saw some crocs chilling out in the water. Then the tree kangaroo - he was so nice! They are very rare. He was climbing around the tree, eating leaves, and had a really long tail. He's a bit like a cross between a koala and a kangaroo to look at.

After spending quite a long time in the tree kangaroo's area we went around the rainforest bit and were lucky enough to be near the guy with all the food for the birds who was really interesting. He told us about all the animals - some are ex-pets (not ex-pats). He also showed us a little bat that he had in a bundle attached to his shirt that he was looking after! We asked him about the fan-bat from the other day, but he said it had died. Poor thing.

We didn't have time to look in the wetlands area, but we did go and see the koalas, one of whom was woken up for a keeper talk. Then we had to scoot back to the hotel for my massage which, by the way, was lovely.

This afternoon we walked into town and wandered around. We looked at a pretty little chapel called "St. Mary's by the sea" and at the altar end is a big window looking out onto the sea - what a lovely idea. We had a walk on the beach but were scared off by the "crocodile warning - no bathing" sign, although other people seemed happy to lie on the beach!


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