21 Nov 2006 - Travel to Port Douglas
Our last day on Hamilton Island. We had our breakfast early. The best bit was when the table next to us was left unoccupied for a few minutes and a seagull swooped down and made off with a croissant as big as himself! He then dragged it all the way round the pool with another seagull chasing him. It was very funny. We'll miss the cockatoos as well - the other night we saw one land on an empty dinner table an dpick up cutlery with its claw and run it through it's beak! They also like to walk along the balcony railings and apparently if you leave the doors open they come in and can open the mini bar! Wonder whether they prefer the gin or the vodka. And of course, there's the golf buggies. It's so funny seeing them whizz about - we've even seen customised ones - personalised number plates, undercarriage lighting, wedding buggy (with a veil on top), pick up van style buggy and street cleaning buggy!

Anyway, sadly we checked out, and even more sadly we paid the bill. Those cocktails soon add up. Then it was off to the airport in - you've guessed it - a golf buggy. As beach club guests we had access to the lounge BUT the lounge was shut for the day - what a swizz! The only time we'd have been allowed in one. Oh well.

We got on a small propeller plane to Cairnes - we were in fow 9 and there were only 3 more rows behind us! Excellent snacks available on the plane though. Very good flight.

On the way to the hotel our driver told us about the sugar cane which is grown here - the most interesting bit was that at harvest time there's a special little train that runs through the fields. They chuck all the sugar cane into the carriages and it takes it off to the factory.

So, we arrived at the Radisson Treetops - it's very nice and rainforest like. The buildings are all set among trees and the reception/bar area has a roof but only walls on two sides. They even have a pet cockatoo called Bozo who lives on the railings next to reception. We found out we had a free "Breakfast with the birds" to claim, and have done so although we still have no idea why, but we like anything free.

Caught the shuttle bus into town for dinner. Somehow completely missed all the restaurants, then had to turn round and walk back to them, wondering how we'd managed it. The town was nice - busy but not overcrowded, with lots of stuff going on. One of the pubs even advertised cane toad racing!

It seems the beaches are pretty useless - there's both jellyfish and crocodiles in the area, so best avoided we think.


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