18 Nov 2006 - Hamilton Island
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The view from our room on Hamilton Island Justin has a well earned rest on our balcony
Got on our flight this morning only to be delayed by a problem with a generator for one of the engines - they had to go and get a part and stick it on or whatever. Anyway, we were delayed by about an hour and a quarter but after that it went well. Phew. We were picked up by our hotel's rep and they took our luggage seperately. Then after a welcome drink and introduction we were taken to our room - wow. It's so pretty - the hotel is right on the beach with palm trees on the edges and a beautiful swimming pool just outside. It's so posh we keep wondering when they're going to find out we're not posh enough and kick us out.

Had a wander on the beach whilst the tide was out and saw lots of hermit crabs in rockpools.

We've never seen so many golf carts - they're the island's main method of transportation. So whenever you go anywhere you get the hotel to drop you off in one of theirs, then pick you up when you're done. Could get used to this! First job was booking our tours. We've booked a day snorkelling tomorrow and a half day canoeing after that. Unfortunately it's going to be very windy so the sea may be rough but we don't have time to be fussy.

There was even a wedding on the beach earlier which we nosily looked at from our balcony.

This evening we got the buggy into town and it actually started raining a bit. More rain here than in England. Anyway, we had a lovely Chinese meal and then the buggy picked us up again and now we're in the bar drinking and typing. Not much else to report really - more exciting news tomorrow I think.


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