29 Oct 2006 - Arrive in Perth
We made it! We arrived in Perth at 00:30 local time. We were very lucky with all our flights as they all left more or less on time. Definitely worth the extra money to travel in World Traveller Plus.

We'd like to especially thank a few passengers who made the flights more entertaining for us...

1. Staring lady - the lady we saw staring at a couple while they slept. We wondered if it was just them, or if she'd had a good stare at us too!

2. Justin - got really cross because he couldn't extract the TV controller from his seat, but finally managed it without harassing any staff

3. Shouty lady - everyone was asleep except me so it was really quiet, and her friend asked her something but because she had her headphones on she just started shouting really loudly. Made me giggle.

Singapore airport is very nice. Might try out the foot massage bit on the way back. Anyway, Singapore to Perth was a good flight, and we got our shuttle bus transfer at the other end, so there's no need to worry Mum!

Had a minor panic when we arrived as they couldn't find our booking in the list, but it turned out to be that they'd used Justin's name instead of mine so luckily that was ok. The apartment was really good - it had a kitchen, and a bathroom with a washing machine and tumble dryer although we don't need to use those just yet. We finally got to bed about 2:30am


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