7 Nov 2006 - Kings Canyon then onward!
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Kings Canyon Us at Kings Canyon Some honey birds 
Got up at 3am - yes 3am (and that won't be our earliest start either) for our 4am departure to Kings Canyon. On the drive we saw tons of kangaroos - including red ones - who were pretty suicidal. They'd dive into the road in front of the coach just as it reached them, then escape at the very last second. Very exciting. Anyway, luckily we didn't hit any. My personal favourites were the two who came bouncing down the middle of the road towards the coach from just over the top of a hill! We also saw wild horses and cows.

On the way to the canyon we stopped at Mt. Ebenezer station for breakfast. Very interesting place! They do camel rides, Harley rides, and various things up to and in the area of the canyon. Breakfast was cooked by what we presumed were two bikers who were really friendly, and excellent chefs!

Decided not to do the 3 hour walk around the top of Kings Canyon as it was about 8.30am when we arrived and we thought it would be far too hot by the time we finished. So instead we did a shorter walk into the creek at the bottom of the canyon. This was really nice as it was pretty shady in most places. We saw some birds and lizards and of course lots of insects. We learned about the ghost gum which is a white gum tree that you can rub the bark from and put it on yourself to use as a sun screen or to make yourself glow in the dark! The local aborigines used to use it to frighten away other tribes - they'd let them come into the canyon, then when it was dark they'd appear, glowing. Well, that'd scare me off too.

We finished the walk at about 10.30 and went to Kings Canyon resort for lunch at a fuel station (which was really nice) and a rest and to get on a different coach to finish our journey. It was a little worrying being left in the middle of nowhere at a service station, but the transfer turned up ok.

This afternoon was a long drive to Alice Springs. We saw another willie willie (I think that's the correct spelling this time), and a memorial to the stewards and team who were killed in the last Cannonball Run race when the driver lost control going around a corner.

Our motel is a bit odd - probably as there are not many people here. Seems a bit lonely and dark. BUT the highlight of the evening was feeding the black footed rock wallabies that came to the Heavitree gap. A lady gave Alice some pellets and she fed them to the wallabies. They were very wary at first, but after a while came over for some free food. They were very cute. There was even one with a little baby in her pouch who came over to eat from Alice's hand which was brilliant.

It is very, very hot here. We'll be glad to leave tomorrow - especially as the air con in our room doesn't work very well.


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