5 Nov 2006 - Kata Tjuta sunset
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on our walk Kata Tjuta up close Quite a lot of vegetation around 
Had a lie in until 7.30 today - wow! When we got up we had breakfast, then walked over the mound in the middle of the hotel complex and spent the morning in the resort centre shopping. We visited the visitors' centre and found out a bit more about the area.

This afternoon we visited Kata Tjuta. We walked down a dusty red path with our guides, then had to negotiate some loose rocks to get to lookout point 1. This gave us a lovely view of the gigantic red domes. Legend has it that they are aborigines buried up to the tops of their heads!

Then we went on to lookout point 2 which was a slightly longer, more difficult walk - there was a lot of loose rock, and the path was pretty steep - it sloped both upwards and downwards, with the steepest upwards bit just before the lookout. We saw 2 "euro" kangaroos around here, and some zebra finches too. The trees that grow in the gorges are really nice and it's amazing how they manage to stay there! At the lookout we got to see a different side of the domes, with different markings. After a short rest we returned down the trail and did it all in reverse!

We learned that these rocks are extremely sacred to the aborigines, and women aren't really supposed to be near them as they are a very male sacred site.

We then drove to a place to watch the sunset over Kata Tjuta, accompanied by peanuts and sparkling white wine. The sunset was amazing - at one point the rocks seemed to change colour every few seconds. It was really beautiful.

We then joined some other coach groups for a big bbq supper which was very nice - we sat on a table with 6 other people from our coach and chatted over a dinner of barramundi, kangaroo kebab, sausage and salad. Got back about 10pm and have a 4.40am start tomorrow, so off to bed! Such a shame about the lack of photos, but hopefully we'll sort that out soon.


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